Outback Pack




The Outback Pack has been specially selected for you to offer value for money, versatility and space saving when camping or travelling.

All 3 can be used as intended as well as adding to soups, stews, hot pots curries or as a rub. It gives you the opportunity to experiment.

Red Dirt Dip is a delicious dip to enjoy with crackers and a beverage. Try as a rub on BBQ steak.

Corroboree Salsa is quick and easy. Just add fresh tomato and corn kernels to use with tacos or nachos. Also add to Bolognese, Osso Bucco, stuffed fish, or meatballs.


Guacamole mix in fresh avocado on toast, scrambled eggs, tamales, a great rub for any poultry, in mince for hamburgers and over campfire roasted spuds and sweet potato’s.

Hing, Onion and Garlic substitute salt is certified low FODMAP and adds that distinct flavour without the upset. Use as a normal salt with the other Outback Pack products to up the flavour level, or on its own as you would normal salt.