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Words that come to mind when you think of a barbecue are thick tender juicy meats, smoky, chargrilled, spicy flavours. Our BBQ rub encompasses all that and more.

Seasonings and spices are versatile, enhancing flavor in various food forms like dips, sauces, marinades, as well as rubs. They can transform meats, vegetables, grains, and even snacks, adding depth and complexity to any dish, from savory to sweet, making them essential in any kitchen. So don’t stop at the rub, think gravies and sauces to give your creations and recipes a point of difference.


  • Use one teaspoon per 250g of food and adjust up and down to your taste.
  • Add to sour cream and Mayo for a dip with a difference.
  • Include in mince when making pies or hamburgers.
  • Add a smidge to sauces and gravies.

SPICY BBQ RUB is also available in the following combo bags which contain of 3 or more packets of product from across our range. Combo packets offer extra value for money, and the opportunity to try something you may not have thought of.  They also make great gifts for the blokes in your world.

The Meat Tray – Pincha Salt


Using Australian native botanicals in our products creates a unique point of difference.  It introduces distinctive flavours and aromas not commonly found in mainstream products. Ingredients like wattle seed, lemon myrtle or Kakadu plum and salt bush.  These Australian native botanicals offer a taste of Australia’s diverse landscape, enriching dishes with their unique profiles. Incorporating these botanicals supports sustainability and the local economy, while also providing nutritional benefits. This innovative approach not only enhances the culinary experience but also promotes cultural heritage and environmental stewardship.

None of our products contain any nasties such anti caking agents, preservatives or added MSG. They are also Vegan and Gluten Free.

Pincha Salt is located in Katherine Northern Territory. When you visit be sure to check out the “Jewel of the North” the Katherine Nitmiluk Gorge.

Nitmiluk (Katherine) Gorge | Northern Territory, Australia


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